Cultivating Spiritual Eyesight; Empowering Spiritual Insight

Barbara Bock shares her practice of physical healing and gentle ethereal balancing. Through nutritional counseling and spiritual regeneration practices, she integrates two pathways to wellness which share the Metamorphosis mission, enhanced by distinct forms, each wing of the entire butterfly of health.

Many people believe that good health or "wellness" is an absence of disease. If you exercise daily and eat reasonably well, you may believe you are healthy. If this is what you think, then think about this; you play tennis with your best friend today; and, tomorrow, he is diagnosed with cancer. Did that cancer grow overnight; or, is it more likely that it had been there for a long time. We all know the answer to that!


Most of us perform preventative maintenance on our vehicles by getting the oil changed on a regular basis. This extends the number of years we can drive the vehicle before it needs major repairs or has to be replaced. The human body also requires preventative maintenance in order to avoid the diagnosis of cancer, heart disease, or other diseases.

True wellness, which includes spiritual balance & evolution, as well as the absence of disease, requires a plan of action. Contact Barbara to get started on the path and find out about our products. You have nothing to lose and all your health to gain.

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."