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Amethyst Quartz Crystal

Amethyst is purple quartz and is a meditative and calming stone. It works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace. Amethyst can help get rid of addictions and compulsive behaviors of all kinds. Amethyst has a gently sedative energy that promotes peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. It also brings emotional stability and inner strength, and can enhance flexibility and cooperation. Emotionally, amethyst can help heal personal losses and grief. Amethyst is a high energy stone that is often used for energising. It protects against psychic attacks and negative energy. It bridges the gap between ordinary and more complex forms of consciousness.

Metaphysical Properties of Amethyst

amethyst point cluster

Astrological Sign(s): Pisces, Aquarius
Element: Water
Crown Chakra
Clearing and Cleansing
Meditation Enhancement
Connecting with Spirit
Heightens Intuition
Sharpens the Mind
Psychic Dreams
Stability, Strength

Amethyst aids in treating: Depression. Low energy. Reduces stress. Calms anxiety, headaches, eye strain. Dispels negativity and clears delusion. Prevents insomnia and nightmares. Stimulates and regulates sympathetic nervous system and endocrine glands. Digestive tract, heart, stomach, skin and teeth.

About Quartz Crystal

The natural tendency of quartz is for harmony. The electronics industry uses quartz because because it structures electrical energy precisely. Quartz will structure water and other energies naturally, as well as amplifying those energies by the principle of resonance. Kirlian photography has shown that merely holding a double terminated quartz crystal can double the measurable electro-magnetic fields of the body.

The most well known example of the ability of quartz to structure energy is the quartz watch. In 1880 it was discovered that if you apply electricity to quartz, it vibrates in a regular, consistent and harmonious pattern. So harmonious, you can tell time by it! Only the type and the frequency of the crystal needs to be chosen. Also, quartz crystals are used to give an accurate frequency for all radio transmitters, radio receivers and computers. Their accuracy comes from an amazing set of properties.

Quartz, silicon dioxide (SiO2), also known as vitreous or silica glass, is unaffected by most solvents and remains crystalline to hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit. The property that makes it an electronic miracle is the fact that, when compressed or bent, it generates a charge or voltage on its surface. This is called the piezoelectric effect. When a voltage is applied to it, quartz will bend or change its shape very slightly. These properties make quartz ideally suited for applications where high purity is required or the use temperature is high. Very few materials can match the energy transmission of quartz, especially in the ultra-violet and infrared ranges.

If quartz can organize energy simply by contacting it, it is not difficult to begin to understand its influence on our health and minds.

Amethyst in History, Healing & Harmony

Amethyst is a transparent, coarse-grained variety of the mineral quartz that is valued as a semiprecious gem for its violet colour. It contains a little more iron oxide (Fe2O3) than any other variety of quartz, and its colour probably arises from this iron content. Amethyst exhibits the violet or purple color, the color of enlightenment and attainment of higher self. It is a facilitator in transforming the lower level energies into higher oscillations of the spiritual realms. Amethyst is highly regarded as a spiritual tool by many crystal healers due to its more gentle effect compared to rock crystal, while still possessing the inherent superb electrical conductivity of quartz.

In popular belief, the amethyst offers protection against drunkenness. The Greek words 'a- methystos' mean 'not intoxicated' in translation. It was regarded by the ancient Romans as a protector against intoxication, and they drank wine from amethyst encrusted goblets. Even today, amethyst is considered to be useful for people who are trying to break their addictions and also to be free from addictive personalities, bringing calmness and sobriety to all situations.

Amethyst is excellent for moving the mind into the alpha brain wave cycle smoothly and rapidly, thus making for a great meditation crystal. Amethyst as a healing stone contains sobering and calming qualities which casue it to be commonly associated with peace. Amethyst is known to calm and protect the mind. It soothes those who have engaged in constant rigorous mental activity. It has been deemed "nature's tranquilizer" by many healers because of it's effectiveness in relaxing not only the mind but also the nervous system. Probably that is the reason why amethyst has always been known as a sleeping aid down through the centuries. It exerts a calming effect behind the scenes.

Amethyst, as used in the healing of nervous disorders, is placed on the third eye area or held in the hand during meditation sessions. The clarity and calmness it brings to bear on the self will be felt. If placed on the Third Eye area, it dispels headaches. Amethyst is used for healing the endocrine system and also good for increasing the efficiency of the pituitary gland by helping the endocrine glands to secrete hormones in the correct proportions.

Amethyst has come to be known as a power crystal with prolific healing powers which can be characterized as purifying, pacifying and transitional. Amethyst has the ability to transform lower energies into higher and acts as a healer at all levels of mind, body and spirit. Amethyst assists in making appropriate judgments and carrying out responsibilities. Its calming properties help to moderate high strung temperaments. It encourages the binding of the physical to the intellectual and beyond, into the spiritual realms. It stimulates the intellect, but tempers it with a universal sense of compassion and connection.

Amethyst clears certain types of blockage and helps to align the Chakras. By transforming energies on all levels amethyst also has the ability to balance and stabilize energies located within certain Chakra areas. Amethyst is related to and found to heal and align ailments of the the 6th and 7th Chakras, which are the Third Eye or Brow (6th) and the Crown (7th). Overall, amethyst works as a good healing crystal by strengthening the entire body, smoothing over, and tonifying the various systems in the body.

Besides being a stone of tranquility and repose, amethyst is also known to enhance mental strength, stability, and vigor. It also is protective in averting the mind from psychic attacks and transforming negative energy into that of positive and tranquil tenacity. It is also used to bring understanding of all that is transitional, especially death and rebirth. It can provide security and peace of mind (along with understanding) when a loved one is lost or reborn. It is said to also have a relieving effect on stress, grief, depression, emotional despair and ineffective communication.

Many other miraculous powers are attributed to the amethyst in various cultures. It was said to protect crops against tempests and locusts, bring good fortune in war and in the hunt, drive out evil spirits and inspire the intellect. A little study of the works of Pliny will reveal that this gemstone, if worn round the neck on a cord made from dog's hair, affords protection against snakebite. Later, Hieronymus even reported that eagles placed an amethyst in their nest in order to protect their young from the selfsame danger.

Apart from these powers, gemstone therapists say that the amethyst has a sobering and cleansing effect. Amethyst has also been said to quell excessive stomach acid and served to combat insect bites and beautify the skin.

But the amethyst not only had a firm niche in medicine; it was also esteemed as a stone of friendship. And since it was thought to put the wearer in a chaste frame of mind and symbolise trust and piety, the amethyst came to occupy a very prominent position in the ornaments of the Catholic clergy over the centuries. It was the stone of bishops and cardinals; we find it in prelates' crosses and in the so-called Papal Ring (Italian, 15th century) in the Jewellery Museum in Pforzheim. In Tibet, there were amethyst rosaries, for there the gemstone was dedicated to Buddha and was said to promote clarity of mind.

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