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A Session on the BioMat™

The Amethyst BioMat has amazing healing power and is a revolutionary discovery, bringing quantum healing into our lives, homes, and communities. As a stand-alone therapy, or in conjunction with our massage or Reiki treatments, the deeply penetrating amythest far infrared rays and gentle heat from the Bio-Mat enhance and encourage revitaling change.

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Experience the Tri-Synergy of:

Far infrared Rays—Nature's Miracle light
Negative Ions—Nature’s Battery Charger
Amethyst Quartz—Nature's Super Conductor
A quantum equation that is beyond our current understanding.

We use the BioMat with our massage and Reiki treatments which brings an extra dimension of healing to these therapies. To fully experience the BioMat's unparalleled power, request a session on the mat alone. You will be amazed at the relaxation and refreshment you feel immediately following the treatment. Continued long-term use results in better health overall.

Who knows, after trying our mat you may want to purchase your own! More information on this amazing tecnology is available. Follow this link to our sales division and learn more about the Bio-Mat.

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