About Detoxification

Definitions: a) The process of detoxifying. b) The state or condition of being detoxified. c) Physiology - the metabolic process by which the toxic qualities of a poison or toxin are reduced by the body.

Why Detoxify?

People who are living well into their nineties and older, attribute their longevity to the following:

  1. 1. Walk everywhere you can.
  2. 2. Drink 32 ounces of alkaline purified water each morning upon rising. Make the water cold if you feel good and make it room temperature or warmer if you feel sluggish.
  3. 3. Eat natural foods as they are easy to digest.
  4. 4. Eat small portions being mindful not to eat too much or overeat.
  5. 5. Eat slowly, chew your food well, and breathe abdominally.
  6. 6. Do not drink water or other liquids during your meals.
  7. 7. Take a nap after lunch, but if another meal makes you sleepy, take a nap after it as well.
  8. 8. Think and act in a positive way
surface of the body

What About "The Importance of Cleaning Your Body?"

Almost everyone knows the importance of routinely taking a bath or shower, brushing teeth, and washing face and hands. As such, most will clean themselves daily, as well as bathe 5 to 7 times a week. Also, most individuals would never think of going 7 to 10 days without a bath, let alone weeks, months, years, or longer. Everyone has experienced how good they felt after a bath especially when they were really dirty. By the same token, most people do not realize how good they will feel by cleansing internally.
Allow me to ask you this question. Did you know that the outside of the body only represents about 10% of the body’s total surface area, and that the remaining 90% of total body surface area is represented by the internal (oral & nasal cavities, lungs, esophogus, stomach, intestines, bowel) portion? So, as you read further, keep in mind that most individuals only clean a very small part of the total surface of their bodies.

Today’s Toxic World

Here is an interesting fact. The Earth and everything on it is 1000 times more toxic now than it was in 1950. With this much toxic material in our water, food, and air, it has become increasingly important to take immediate measures and actions to care for ourselves, our families, and our friends.
Never before in the history of our planet has there been such an overwhelming volume of toxic material dumped upon our physical systems by our air, water, and food supply. This increases our need to implement natural, wholistic, organic forms of food, purified water, and methods of detoxification. Because of our ongoing and growing toxic exposure, changing from processed shelf-life foods to fresh nutritious food sources, makes common sense. Drinking and showering in clean water and clean air, as well as utilizing internal and external detoxification methods are some of the ways to reduce our toxic load.

Your awareness and the actions you take to make the necessary changes towards higher qualities of air, water, diet and the processes of detoxifying your body are essential for two major reasons:

  1. 1. To avoid unwanted and unnecessary resultant disease processes.
  2. 2. But more importantly, to generate and maintain higher qualities of good health.

Your Body’s Energy Levels

One of the simplest ways of determining how the pollution of air, water, and food are affecting you is by "paying close attention to your energy levels." Have you ever noticed that some mornings when you awaken you have endless energy and other days you feel drained? Pay attention, review what you ate and where you were the preceding day. Careful attention to your energy levels following eating something will immediately tell if that food added to your energy level, left it neutral, or decreased your amount of energy. Well, if you feel depleted be very mindful to avoid air, water, or foods that produce that feeling of depletion following their consumption. Likewise, direct yourself towards the air, water, and food sources that add to your body’s energy levels. The decisions to take a deep breath of fresh clean air, to drink crystal clean purified water, and to eat fresh organic food demonstrate you are on the right track.

Detoxification methods like regular ionic footbaths, herbal and hydrotherapy colonics, in combination with healthy, low stress lifestyle, clean ionized air, purified alkaline water, and natural food sources have had good success in establishing and maintaining long-term wellness within the individual.