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Massage Therapy

Metamorphosis Wellness sends you down Infinite Pathways through healthy transformational opportunities to change your life. Massage is an integral part of our services, providing relaxation, detoxification, injury prevention, respiratory enhancement, better digestion, and performance enhancement.

Metamorphosis Wellness Massage Information

Our massage table is equipped with a professional model Bio-Mat. The deep ionizing energy of the amythest far infrared rays and the gentle heat enhance your massage experience like no other massage center can. Barbara's massage therapy reaches your inner self, eases body tensions, and sets up the physical environment for healthful life changes.

Swedish Massage

There are numerous types of massage, but perhaps the most popular and commonly known is Swedish Massage. Massage once was assumed to be a lavish comfort ony the wealthy could afford. That idea is changing. Swedish massage is used to relax and tone the entire body. It will benefit anyone, particularly atheletes.

Some of the many benefits of Swedish massage: Increased circulation and lowered blood pressure. Improved lymphatic circulation. Releases endorphins. Stretches & elongates muscles. Reduces pain and muscle stiffness. Breaks up mucus in the lungs. Relieves colic, gas, and contipation. Relaxes body and mind. Improves well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage

Along with Kriya and Neuromuscular massage, deep tissue massage unlocks physical and emotional traumas. Plan on a longer session to receive the most benefit from the deep, flowing technique.

Prenatal Massage

Your unborn child is precious cargo. Treat yourself to a relaxing interlude in your daily routine. You will emerge from the 45 to 60 minute session more focused on your body and the new life within it. Regular prenatal masssage prepares you for easier childbirth and post-natal recovery.