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Other Therapies

Barbara has provided other healthy transformational opportunities to change your life. Through relaxing sessions on our BioMat™, lifestyle and weight management counseling, and energy balancing Reiki, she will assist you in your holistic desire to revitalize your body and mind.

BioMat™ Treatments

Metamorphosis Wellness sells the Amethyst BioMat, and we also use it during massage and Reiki sessions. One way to discover the beneficial effects of the far infrared energy and negative ion heat therapy is to use the BioMat alone and rest in the warmth and radiance for an hour or two.

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Lifestyle & Weight Management

Barbara's spirit-based counseling skills are confidential and thorough. Nutritional guidance and a safe place to delve into the reasons behind our misplaced appetites and behaviors can be the spark that begins a new awareness and a new way to walk through life more lightly and resiliently.


Barbara holds the degree of Reiki Master. She finds and clears negative energy vortices throughout the body resulting in deep relaxation, mindfulness, and the opening of new channels of vison and experience. No other health claims are made or implied.

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Infinite Pathways

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