Metamorphosis Wellness Testimonials

You are an expression of the Infinite. At Metamorphosis Wellness we can help you to believe in and become the person you are meant to be. Detoxifying footbaths, massage, the Bio-Mat™, the energy balancing of Reiki, and in-depth lifestyle counseling with Barbara, as well as our Quantum Product line, all can contribute to your return to yourself.

Helping & Product Tributes

“I have worked with Barbara over the past ten years. From massage, meditation and ionic foot baths to Bio-Mat treatments, through lifestyle and food counseling (which I hate to follow!), to insightful conversations and trips across the world, she has changed my approach to wellness. I laughingly call her my spiritual advisor, but she is truly a healer on all levels. Her knowledge of the highest realms of auric balancing have become another powerful tool in her repertoire of beneficial aids to empowering my own path to good health.”

-Crystal W.

“In November 2007 when my husband passed, my old friend, Barbara, invited me to visit her in Hilton Head. She worked with with me through my depression using crystals and foot baths, and I slept on the Bio-Mat. I purchased both the mat and the foot bath supplies and returned to New York.
“I was still on medication for high blood pressure and heart problems. Her knowledge of the body, mind and spirit helped me learn to care for myself after years of only caring for others. I retired and could focus on me. I became more interested in energy medicine.
“I visited again in 2013, and she introduced me to higher levels of meditation and clearing. These methods have have aided me in balancing my body. I am no longer on heart medication and my high blood pressure is relieved. She has helped me to gain control of my own life.”

-Yvonne B.