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Metamorphosis Wellness presents Barbara Bock as our trusted therapist. She encourages, supports and provides healthy transformational opportunities to change your life. Through relaxing massage, energy balancing Reiki, and lifestyle counseling, she assists you in your holistic desire to revitalize your body and mind.

Barbara Bock, RN, LMT, MPS

barbara bock

Metamorphosis Wellness founder Barbara Bock is a holistic healthcare specialist trained as a registered nurse and certified in Reiki and massage. She studied as a colon hydrotherapist and holds a Master's Degree in Health Care Management from Long Island University, New York. She is a former member of the Holistic Nurses Association, and a former member of the National Association for Massage and Body Work.

When you meet Barbara, you will feel the gentle healing energy she emanates. Her touch changes you. With her knowledge and insight, she can inspire a new approach to dealing with on-going health issues, physical pain, weight management, and stress. Her massage therapy will relax you; her powerful Reiki treatments will subtly change you; and her lifestyle counseling skills are confidential and thorough.

Barbara and Metamorphosis help clients find their personal pathway to infinite health through relaxation, realigning consciousness, gentle detoxification, and changing unhealthy lifestyles. No other health claims are made or implied. Individuals should consult their physician before any alternative treatment.

Barbara J. Bock, RN, LMT, MPS

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barbara bock

Barbara Bock, RN, MPS

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