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Quantum Products presents water. Every cell in your body is made up of water. Your muscles for instance, are close to 75 percent water while your blood is 82 percent water. Incredibly, your brain is almost 95 percent water and your lungs are approximately 90 percent water. Even your bones are made up of 25 percent water. The Alkal-Life Water Ionizer filters and treats tap water to create alkaline water that will change the way you look at water.

IONIZED WATER drop of water

As you may already know, the negative ion plays a critical role in keeping our bodies healthy and vibrant. The absorption of nutrition and the elimination of toxins and waste cannot be done effectively without them. Ions are found everywhere, but no where else can they be found in greater concentration than in water, natural or processed.


Simply said, ionized water is filtered tap water that has loss or gained an election. The ionization occurs when these water molecules Ďsplitsí into two parts. When the process is complete, one chamber will provide acidified water (the hydrogen ion H+) with its ionized acidic minerals (chlorine, lead, sulfur, and phosphorous), and alkaline water (the hydroxyl ion OH -) with ionized alkaline minerals (sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium).

Alkaline ion water has a high pH. It is more beneficial when consumed immediately or within two days of storage (store in an airtight glass or plastic container).

Acidic ion water has a low pH. It is perfect for acne, dry skin, and fungal growth on plants, pets, livestock, or humans. Acidic water however, is not consumed, but used topically.


Alkaline ionized water is different from the water we drink. It contains ions, has a different boiling point, viscosity, surface tension, and can enter our body cells three times faster than ordinary tap water. The molecular structure is smaller than that of regular tap water, thereby allowing more hydration and better detoxification. In general, the water we drink is poorly filtrated and exposes us to all kinds of toxins and pollution. On the other hand, alkaline ion water removes impurities, and activates healthy minerals into an ionic form which produces "living water."

Alkaline ion water is a powerful liquid anti-oxidant that readily absorbs into the body, and neutralizes free radicals. Free radical damage causes us to age faster, and is largely responsible for many diseases including cancer.

The alkaline ion water balances and maintains our proper body pH level (6.9~7.2) which creates an environment essential to deterring bacteria, inflammation and disease.


Ordinary tap water is most commonly used. Distilled water or water processed by reverse osmosis is not recommended, because they do not contain any minerals.


ALKALINE ION WATER Tastes like fresh spring water. The unique filtration by electrolysis, eliminates bacteria and contaminates, but also separates and splits ions facilitates the delivery of necessary nutrients, makes acidic foods alkaline, and neutralized free radicals. Oxygen intake is increased and body chemistry is stabilized.
BOTTLED WATER Lacks vitality and has very little, if any, mineral content. Methods of filtration may vary, and the freshness depends upon how long it has been stored.
DISTILLED WATER Water processed by boiling to remove bacteria and other contaminates. It contains no minerals or trace elements, and has no taste.
REVERSE OSMOSIS Similar to distilled water, in that it contains no minerals, trace elements and has no tastes. It is processed by molecular filtration and is ideal for pharmaceutical purposes.


Water is essential to all forms of life-plants, animals, and humans. It is composed of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen(H2O). Out body is approximately 70~80% water.

Water is responsible for transporting minerals and nutrients (solutes) to each and every cell of our body. It regulates our bodyís temperature, and is highly instrumental in the elimination of toxins and the creation of necessary bodily fluids.

Did you know that blood consists of 90% water (it is also a solute form of water)? Water is everything to us and the things around us. We need water to cook, bathe, make paper, textiles, and products, etc.

Since water is such a vital element to our health and well being, we can safely say that the quality of our health is in direct proportion to the quality of water we choose to drink.


The human body is a genius work of art. It is composed of various parts-bones, organs, cells, and tissues. These cells also have a chemical element which balances and maintains our health and the healing of disease. The acid-alkaline balance is critical to our body chemistry. Typically, a normal body chemistry has a 4:1 ratio (four parts alkaline to one part acid) or 80% alkaline and 20% acid.

Obesity is a major "life-style" health problem in America. It stems from little to no exercise, and consuming large amounts of fats and carbohydrates.

Like water, food are also categorized as acid or alkaline. All foods are "burned" or digested in the body, leaving a residue of ash. This food ash can be neutral, acid or alkaline depending largely upon the mineral composition of the foods eaten.

When the metabolic process can no longer burn these foods, they are deposited and stored as fatty acids in various parts of our body (initially under the skin-waist, hips, thighs, then later around organs and tissues). Overtime, as these acids continue to build up in our system, and our blood alkalinity becomes seriously jeopardized, acidosis occur.

Acidosis seriously interferes with our glandular and organ functions. It lowers our immunity and increases our chance of acquiring infectious diseases. Acidosis is the breeding ground of many illnesses such as arthritis/rheumatism, high blood pressure, skin disorders, and premature aging. It is preventable by maintaining a proper acid-alkaline food and water ratio.


Since the 1950ís, the research conducted in Japan suggest that drinking water with a high alkaline pH can de-acidify our bodies and allow us to maintain a proper chemistry balance.

It is no wonder then, why the Health & Rehabilitation Ministry of Japan approved itís first Alkaline Water-Making device in 1966.

But did you know that in 1926, Dr. Otto Warburg of the Kaiser Institute in Berlin, received two Novel Prizes in Medicine and was nominated for a third, for his discovery of the cause of cancer? His findings: Cells that lack oxygen or have a low alkaline pH acidify.

Up until now health authorities has stated that the cause of cancer is unknown and remains a mystery. It has been well established, researched and documented - No disease can exist in an alkaline environment! All illnesses share one common cause - too much acid waste in the body.

This is no mystery, but a valid fact - Healthy people have alkaline body systems.


Donít take aspirin - Drink alkaline water When we get a headache, the brain is telling us something is wrong with our body. Aspirin is acidic, and at best provides a temporary relief. Get to the root of the cause - DRINK ALKALINE WATER.


Ideally we should consume a 1/2oz glass of water per pound of body weight. An easy way to calculate this ratio is to divide your body weight by 2, then divide that number by 8 (8 ounces).

For example: a 150 lb. person needs 75 ounces of water or nine 8 oz glasses of water a day. Alkaline water has a high pH and drinking too much initially can cause diarrhea or an upset stomach. Start off slowly, by drinking 1~2 glasses of alkaline water with a low pH in the morning, and again before bed time. Gradually increase the pH and your water intake until you can comfortably consume the required amount of water per day.

If you drink a lot of other fluids (tea, coffee, juice, cola, etc.), you will still need to drink this amount of water, if not more.

Typically, our organs (kidneys, liver, and intestines) has to filter our additives before it can use the pure water to detoxify and nourish our cells. Drinking alkaline water first alleviates this kink of stress and strain on our organs.

Consider this little fact: It takes 32 glasses of alkaline water to neutralize the acid from one 12 oz cola.

(Hydroxyl Ions OH-)

Alkaline ion water tastes "wetter." The molecules are much more smaller (6~7 per cluster) than that of tap water (11~13 per cluster). This small cluster size makes the ion water superhydrating or more absorbent. Since our bodies will have more water to work with, it can deliver more nutrients to all its parts. Although this small cluster size enables our bodies to readily absorb nutrients, it is also able to transport nutrients and eliminate the waste within a half hour or 30 minutes (it takes our bodies 2 1/2 hours to do the same thing with ordinary tap water).

If you need a good reason why you should switch to ALKALINE ION WATER, here are three main reasons to consider:

(1) Alkaline water is a powerful liquid anti-oxidant that is easily absorbed into the body and neutralizes free radicals.

(2) Alkaline water has ions (lots of them) to balance and maintain a proper body pH (6.9~7.2). This creates an environment that inhibits bacteria, in flammation and disease.

(3) Alkaline water has a smaller molecule structure. This facilitates more hydration, faster nutritional intake and better detoxification.


Cooking with alkaline water is not only efficient, but a healthier way to prepare foods. Alkaline water boils faster; therefore foods are more nutritious because thy spend less time in water (it also means less time spent in the kitchen.)

Vegetables cooked in alkaline water retain their color and vitamin content.

Reconstitute frozen juice with alkaline water for a more sweeter taste and less "bite." Coffee, tea, and cocktails prepared with alkaline water will also have no bitterness, fish and meats will have no unpleasant smell or "after taste".

Try preparing dried baby formula and cereals with alkaline water. It will promote healthy growth and a sturdy bone structure. Your pets can also benefit from drinking alkaline water. Fleas, parasites, fungus, and inflammation will be a thing of the past.

(Hydrogen Ions H+)

It is applied topically or used as mouth rinse (the water is not swallowed). Although it is not consumed, using acidified water as a mouthwash, neutralizes mouth odor, and eliminates plaque. You may gargle with acidified water to treat a sore throat.

Acidified water has a low pH and is highly anti-septic for cuts, burns, abrasions, and wounds.

It helps heal athletes foot or any type of fungal growth, and because its similar to "rain water,"

It is great for plants and cut flowers.

The astringent qualities of acid water make it an ideal toner for improving skin conditions such as rash, eczema, and acne.

It is a natural hair conditioner, and can also be used to treat hemorrhoids.

*This data is for information only, and does not intend to recommend, treat or cure any disease or illness. Please read 'Disclaimer' below.

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