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PowerwoRx™ e3 Household Energy System

When installed into your home electrical system by a competant electrician, PowerworX e3 provides energy savings by reducing the amount of power drawn from your utility by the use of specially designed harmonic resistant capacitors. Because the whole house is surge and spike protected, your costly equipment, televisions, computers, and microwave ovens are no longer subjected to variances in the electric grid or lightning strikes during thunderstorms. Ambient electromagnetic fields generated by your appliances and entertainment centers are drastically reduced.


The Name is PowerwoRx™…
or P-4 as we like to call it. Here is what P-4 stands for!

  • 1. Pocketbook! You start saving money on your electric bill immediately ( between 8%-25% ) and that is GOOD for your pocketbook! 10 year limited warranty.
  • 2. Planet! Recycles wasted energy. Every home or office with our device installed reduces the amount of coal or oil needed to generate extra, wasted electricity, and that is GOOD for our planet!
  • 3. Power! Everyday your electric meter loses "wasted" electricity and is subjected to spikes and surges. PowerWoRX starts energy savings from the moment it is connected and handles "dirty power" that we are all exposed to indoors.
  • 4. Protection! PowerwoRx™ protects your expensive equipment from power surges and spikes, even sacrificing itself instead. If any equipment somehow gets damaged, there is a $25,000 replacement insurance policy to protect your pocketbook. In addition, you and your family are protected from potentially dangerous electromagnetic fields in your home.

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Can You Save $$$?

If you say "yes" to two or more of the following, then you could be saving a significant amount of money on your electric bill every month!

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  • • Is your home 2500 square feet?
  • • Is your central air conditioner/heat pump unit 3 years or older?
  • • Is your forced air furnace 3 years or older?
  • • Do you have a pool?
  • • Do you have a well?
  • • Do you use an air conditioner?
  • • Is your refrigerator/freezer not EnergyStar rated?
  • • Do you have more than one refrigerator/freezer?
  • • Is your washer /dryer not EnergyStar rated?
  • • Do you have a hot tub or a Jacuzzi?
  • • Is your dishwasher not EnergyStar rated?
  • • Do you have a number of electronic appliances in your home?

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Itís a Simple Process!

We are a manufacturing company with a new product to share with the world. And we know that the very best advertising of all is “word of mouth” sharing.

You have contacts who we donít know who would probably love to hear about our new money-saving technology; a product that helps families and businesses save money instantly.

All you do is spread the word about this product, and get permission for us to communicate with them about it. Or, if you prefer, you can send them to our website, or, we will even supply you with brochures for distribution.

When ANY of your referrals purchase a system, we will send you money to your mailbox!

Your contacts will be instructed by you, to tell us you sent them. Even on our website there is a place for them to email us that information. You can also send us a list if you want to of those you have shared with so we can watch for them.

When someone you shared this amazing technology with purchases this system, we will send you $75.00 immediately. So, really you decide how much “mailbox money” you want each week, each month. Just by sharing what we believe is one of the best kept money saving, and energy conservation secrets available.

And whatís more, it is a brand new product! Not something everyone has already heard about. You could be the first one in your neighborhood to introduce this. Imagine the advantage that gives you!

Call today! (843) 290-3377 We will answer your questions and get you started on MAILBOX MONEY!

Check us out at www.ecotrustenergy.com/barbarabock

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